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Now include that mode into your rendering projects using our Aluminum Rendering Channels premium. These channels have been devised to up the ante in terms of aesthetics and resiliency in your exterior finishes, lending a seamless and professional look to your building exteriors.

Our premium channels for render are extruded from high-strength aluminum and built to last—that is, to hold on despite the harshest weather conditions. Their slenderness allows them to input into all architectural designs in a very stylish manner at home or in a commercial project.

Our Rendering Channels come in a range of sizes and profiles to suit your project requirements, fit very easily and are compatible with a variety of finish materials. The channels allow a secure and robust base for perfect results, be it traditional renders or more modern finishes utilising acrylics or polymers.

Whether you are a professional contractor or an avid do-it-yourself, our Aluminum Rendering Channels display just the perfect mix of style, function, and durability. Do your exterior work with confidence: make the choice for your next project our rendering channels, and realize the difference in quality and performance.


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