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Welcome to our Aluminium Starter Channel, designed for easy and accurate start of your construction project. Full architectural trench unit, 75 mm × 2.5 m aluminum channel: Correct choice assured for both durability and functionality.

Our starting channels are made of high-quality aluminum, which will resist all conditions and with a guarantee of long life and reliability in your structures. The sleek design of this item can easily fit with different architectural styles, providing a clean, polished look to your projects.

It’s designed for easy installation, and this U-channel could serve many purposes when it comes to use, from easier framing to edging—what both professionals and DIYers prefer. From the inside partitions to the exterior cladding to the custom fixtures, our starter channel gives you a strong, stable base to meet construction needs.

Make your spaces confident and precise. Start channeling our Aluminum Starter Channel today for your next project, and you definitely will feel the difference in the quality and performance of lifting your construction experiments to new heights.


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