Aluminum Angles with Mesh

Aluminium corner bead with mesh designed for use on external render application, EPS and Hebel systems.

Provides great cover for EPS and Hebel corner joints.

Superior design mesh that is CRIMPED to aluminium (not glued).

 Product Code Size
 ALM27  120 x 80 x 2700mm

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On that account, we are excited to present Aluminum Angles with Mesh, your perfect tool to reinforce and finish construction with accuracy and endurance. Specially made out of aluminum, our angles not only contain high strength and stability properties but are also resistant to corrosion and nature factors.

Moreover, Aluminum Angles have been pre-equipped with mesh, a solution that provides more reinforcement and serves as an intermediate connection between structures. It further helps develop a strong adhesion of rendering materials, which leads to a polished and ongoing finish.

Features of Aluminum Angles with Mesh:

  • Durability- The aluminum makes it possible to use angles in most conditions.
  • Mesh- It is an ideal option for the best possible adhesion between the rendering materials and the surface.
  • Versatility- Customers can use the angle for walls, corners, and edges in the interior and exterior.
  • Installation process- It is simple and does not require a lot of time and effort.