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Attain precision and elegance in architectural design by using our Aluminium Reveal. Available in a 70mm x 2.5m length trim, this product is in a 90-degree angle to guarantee that both your inside and outside space receive a perfect finished look.

Our reveals are made of high-quality aluminum and are strong, durable, and corrosion-resistant for a long-lasting performance in any environment. With a modern design, it will match most architectural features—from contemporary to traditional—so it will be a nice fit for any type of project.

An aluminum 90-degree angle reveal sharpens and defines windows, doors, corners, and other architectural elements for a clear, crisp finish, adding aesthetic value to your project. Easy to install and with no sealing or painting required, installation is a painless, fast, and economical design factor for its use in construction or renovation work.

Whether you’re a professional contractor, an architect, or just a DIY enthusiast, this Aluminum Reveal will add to your space the visual interest brought on by engineered perfection and timeless appeal. Up your projects with style and sophistication. Order now, and feel the difference.


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