Self-Adhesive Fibreglass Mesh Tape For Plasterboard Joints

 Product Code   Sizes Available
 T20  50mm x 20m
T90 50mm x 90m



  • Provide strength and rigidity
  • Self adhesive to help with the application process
  • Sticks well in cold weather
  • Moisture resistance,mold resistance
  • Strong mesh re-inforces joint compound

We are major supplier to plasterboard groups.

  • Committed To Working With Customers On Technical And Design Challenges.
  • Ensuring Your Rendering And Plastering Related Construction Phases Smooth With Best Services.
  • Proudly Supporting APBA Group Since 2007.

Self-adhesive fiberglass fabric tape has a work structure and consistently applied glue framework. It is easy to connect it to any surface, and permits high-caliber and quick activity even to non-experts. We can remove a piece from a move to required length, and glue it on the crease, simply press it.

The extraordinary fiberglass tape is utilized to forestall the arrangement of breaks and surface solidifying. It is utilized for sticking joints, corners, roofs and places of contiguity.


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