BREATHER WALL WRAP | Building Membrane

REX WALL WRAP is a woven and coated polypropylene weather-resistant breather wall wrap that provides air and moisture protection for your property.


  • protection against air and water intrusion
  • light weight and easy to install
  • tear resistance reduces job waste
  • 6 months UV resistance
  • translucent making installation a breeze
Product Code Roll Width Roll Length Area Weight
WR2743 2743mm 30m 82m2 4.74kg
WR1372 1372mm 60m 82m2 4.74kg


We are major supplier to plasterboard groups.

  • Committed To Working With Customers On Technical And Design Challenges.
  • Ensuring Your Rendering And Plastering Related Construction Phases Smooth With Best Services.
  • Proudly Supporting APBA Group Since 2007.

Wall wrap is a climate boundary intended to enable your walls to breath by allowing moisture fume inside your wall cavity to get away while forestalling fluid water and air which entered the outside completion from infiltrating your inside walls. We supply wall wrap not only Melbourne but all over Australia.


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